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 What is a Buyer’s Broker


A buyer’s broker or agent represent your interest. Representing your interests includes being your fiduciary, providing expert advice to you and making your home buying process  a pleasant experience.  New York Cosmopolitan  is that broker,  one of the most skilled, experienced and effective buy-side specialists (buyer’s broker) in the industry.

Buying a Coop, Condo, or investment property in Manhattan or  a private home in Westchester or Long Island  will likely be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.  Whether your purchase will be your home for years to come or it is purely for investment, you must have a strong, competent and skilled Broker that will represent your interests.





What is a seller’s broker?

When you visit an open house, the person who shows the apartment works on behalf of the seller. He can be the listing broker, or in legal terms the Seller’s Agent, or a person engaged by that Agent to assist in showing the place.  In either case their undivided loyalty is to the seller.  While they have to deal with you, the potential buyer, with honesty and in good faith, they do not represent your interests.  This is important to understand.




Is having your own broker going to cost you a lot of money? 


No, at zero of your cost.   New York Cosmopolitan Realty is a member of REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) and a member of HGAR (Hudson Gateway Realty). As a REBNY and HGAR member, listing brokers are obligated to share their commissions with us as buyer’s brokers.  So we are your agent and acting on your behalf but at ZERO of your cost.




Do you as a buyer’s broker have the access to all the listings? 


Yes, New York Cosmopolitan Realty is a member of REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) and a member of HGAR (Hudson Gateway Realty), which has all the listings for the New York Metropolitan areas. 




We Provide One Stop Shop For Our Buyers 


New York Cosmo provides the knowledge, commitment and expertise that all buyers deserve,

At New York Cosmo, we find properties that meet your goals and help realize your dreams, whether you’re focused on buying in a specific neighborhood or open to learning about all of them.

We provide a one stop services to our clients: